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Shivali began competing in the Miss America Organization in 2016, ultimately earning the title of Miss Oregon in 2019. Recognized nationally for her strength in interview, she has won numerous state and national interview awards, most notably the Private Interview Award at Miss America 2020.

Miss America | Private Interview Award
Miss Oregon | Winner
Miss Oregon | Overall Interview Award
Miss Oregon | Preliminary Award in Evening Wear and Social Impact Statement
National Sweetheart | 3RU
National Sweetheart | Private Interview Award
National Sweetheart | Preliminary Talent Award
Miss Oregon | 2RU
Miss Oregon | Private Interview Award
Miss America | Academic Achievement Award
Miss Oregon | 1RU
Miss Oregon | Overall Interview Award
Miss Oregon | Preliminary Talent Award
Miss Oregon | Nonfinalist Interview Award

shakti /ˈSHək•tē/ (noun) :

the divine feminine  creative power of the universe; power or empowerment

From Miss America to corporate America, Shivali has consistently demonstrated excellence in interviewing, public speaking, and personal branding. Now, she is excited to share her talent and expertise with you.

Interview Coaching ($40/session)

I’m often asked what the key to a great interview is. While there are certain qualities all good interviews possess, the key to a truly great one depends entirely on the person giving it. As your coach, I will work with you to find your individual key, so we can unlock the very best that YOU have to offer. The content of your one-hour interview sessions will be tailored to fit your needs, but may include current events discussions, media/branding strategies, and mock interviews.

Paperwork Editing ($25/document)

Paperwork is the first impression you make on your interviewers—so, let’s make it a fantastic one. Having edited dozens of professional and pageant resumes and essays over the years, I can help ensure that your paperwork is exactly that: paper(s) that will work and advocate for you before you’re even in the room.

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